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Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Unlimited" hotspot access from The Cloud

The Cloud has launched a new service under the banner "Ultra Wifi", which offers unlimited wifi access for a flat fee of £11.99.

One of the problems with using commercial hotspots has been the excessive pricing structures, but this deal gives users the ability to get "unlimited" access to over 7000 hotspots for under £12 a month, which must be a good thing and will hopefully stimulate better pricing deals from other providers.

Find out more The Cloud.

Kensington Wifi Finder

The Kensington Wifi Finder is a really handy little gadget. It sits on your keyring and if you ever want to know if you have a wireless signal, just take out your keys and check the LED indicator - which certainly beats the time and effort involved in booting up your laptop to see what hotspots are available.

It should be able to filter out other wireless signals, such as cordless phones and bluetooth, and is able to detect 802.11b and 802.11g networks. Obviously it's a slightly blunt instrument and you may well pick up more hotspots from a further distance with a stronger antennae on your laptop, but it's certainly a decent indicator. You can get these from a few different places, and the quality is much the same regardless of manufacturer. This one from Kensington retails for about £20 at Amazon.

Verdict: Recommended gadget for Wifi fans.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fon turn home wifi into hotspots

The BBC has reported on an ambitious plan from spanish company, Fon, which will see them selling cheap, subsidised routers in return for a guarantee from the customer that they will share their connection with other Fon users.

Turning domestic internet connections into wireless hotspots in an interesting idea, but surely one which the ISPs won't like. And what happens when one of the Fon users attached to your router starts to download movies and becomes a bandwidth hog, not to mention the possibility of your connection being used to access and transmit illegal content.

No doubt Fon will have an answer for all that though - they apparently have financial backing from Google and Skype, so appear to be a serious venture.

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