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Friday, August 17, 2007

Mobile Internet with Web 'n' Walk

If you regularly use wifi hotspots or need internet access on the move, you might want to check out T-Mobile's Web 'n' Walk packages. From £29 a month (inc VAT), you can get unlimited internet access on the move -just sign up, and receive a USB dongle data card.T-Mobile Web n Walk

Using a BT Openzone hotspot can be expensive. A 1hr voucher is £6 and a £24 hour is £10. Compared with those prices, £29 for unlimited access - wherever you are - certainly seems favourable.

Broadband is delivered via 3g and speeds of upto 1.8mbs and offered. Devices like this previously were promoted only to the business sector, but with prices coming down and new consumer packages available, will 3G data cards spell the end for wireless hotspots?

Visit T-Mobile's website for more information.

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