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Thursday, October 18, 2007

3 Launch Mobile Internet with USB Dongle

3 Mobile Broadband Dongle
We've blogged before about T-Mobile's mobile broadband service, and now 3 have a high speed offering too. Actually, there service is slightly quicker because it works at 3.5g using HSDPA.

Like T-Mobile, you get a small, simple USB dongle that you plug into your laptop or PC. Before you know it, you have blistering broadband without the need for a fixed telephone line.

3 have decided not to offer unlimited access but have three different packages at cheaper prices: Broadband Lite (1gb), Broadband Plus (3gb) and Broadband Max (7gb).

Prices vary depending on the package and the duration of the contract - visit 3's site for full tariff details or to sign up.

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