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Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Skype Calls from 3 with the 3Skypephone

3 Skypephone

Mobile operator 3 has teamed up with Skype to launch the first truly integrated Skype-compatible phone. The 3Skypephone has Skype software built in and using the high speed datanetwork of 3, you can make free phone calls over the internet to any other 3SkypePhone or any other Skype user - absolutely free of charge.

The 3Skypephone comes in three different color schemes, has a 2mp camera and takes MicroSD memory cards. The handset is available on PAYG or Pay Monthly deals.

Find out more at the 3 official Site.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly it DOESN'T have a HSDPA modem, it's only 3g - but that's hardly the endo of the world, it's still a neat little device.

4:32 PM  

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