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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Westminster Launches UK's Biggest Wifi Zone

Westminster City Council, in partnership with BT, has launched the UK's biggest Wifi Zone. The zone covers approximately one square mile of space, and includes all of Soho and the streets around Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Strand and parts of Whitehall.

Westminster council Deputy Leader, Councillor Colin Barrow, said:
"This is a groundbreaking project. Westminster is proud to lead the pack in rolling out this technology in an innovative way. We are excited about the improvements this will bring for Westminster and the opportunities it will create for businesses and personal use.

"Much of the network has already been up and running, but from today we are making it available to the public. People can now walk through the streets getting continuous internet coverage, rather than being anchored to a coffee shop or other wifi spot."

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Blogger Stephen said...

Hello, how can I setup a wifi zone around my city?One that person can pay to use.What do I need to start with?

2:27 AM  

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