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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update on iPod Touch and iPhone

iPod Touch is now available. The smart looking media player as a gorgeous screen, apparently amazing touch based interface and is wifi enabled which basically means it will work as a cool little internet tablet device. We recently reviewed the Nokia N800 which was a smart way of using the internet, but the iPod Touch may knock it out of the park and be damn sexy too.

Apple has also released details of the iPhone launch in the UK. It will be available exclusively on the O2 network and prepare yourself for the prices because it isn't cheap. Many people have raised technical grievances with the device - it doesn't support 3G and the camera isn't great - but fashionistas will see this as a must-have phone.

Find out more at the official O2 website.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Wifi at Somerset House

To coincide with the launch of a new interactive artwork display called Superactive i2i by Langlands & Bell, a new Wifi network has been launched at Somerset House, London.

You can get access to the wireless network in the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court, Seamen's Hall and River Terrace.

And best of all, the wireless access is completely free until October 15th.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Create a portable internet hotspot

Create a portable hotspot with the 2800g

Thanks to 3g technology and the ingenuity of a company called Draytek, it is now possible to create a totally portable internet hotspot.

Draytek have long been the professional's choice for ADSL modem routers. Their 2800 range always had a USB port which was originally intended for use as a print server, but thanks to a new firmware update, you can now plug in a 3g internet dongle and share your internet connection between users connected by ethernet or by wifi connection (on the 2800G).

That means you can instantly setup an internet hotspot wherever you are, providing you have a power source for the router. This is a perfect solution if you're setting up a hotspot at an event, such a conference or fair, or if you are on the move such as on a coach.

Another way to use this is as the internet connection for an office. Many businesses can run fine without landline phones, but you need to get a landline installed to get broadband, which means 12 month contracts at least. This solution gives you internet at work and the freedom to take your dongle when you leave the office.

Things you'll need
1) 3g USB Dongle and Internet access plan (from £29 a month at T-Mobile)
2) Draytek 2800 or 2910 Router

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

iPod Touch Announced, Wifi now included

Apple boss Steve Jobs has announced details of the latest generation of iPods, called iPod Touch. The hugely successful music player will now come with wifi as standard, with a version of the Safari web browser for surfing the net and access to Apple's music store buying and downloading music tracks.

Like the iPhone, the new iPod will have a touch screen interface and will be available as an 8gb or 16gb model.

Find out more about the iPod Touch

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