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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coffee Republic Offers Free Wifi

Coffee chain Coffee Republix has announced that from May 1st, they will be offering free Wifi to customers. The undertook a pilot project which showed that offering free Wifi allowed them to increase footfall. When customers make a purchase, they are handed a voucher with the connection details for the wifi system.

Coffee Republic are also able to create an advertising opportunity by customising the landing page that users see when first connecting. Sounds like a great solution for all involved.

They are the first coffee chain to take the step of offering actually free access and it seems like a really clever move. Wifi access in rival chains can be very expensive, but I think eventually they will all go this way.

Find your local Coffee Republic

I'm not sure what technology they are using, but if you wanted a similar setup for your business, you could use the SMC Wireless Hotspot Gateway we previously reviewed to achieve the same.



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