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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Using Sony Ericsson K850i as Modem With Asus Eee PC

I got my Eee PC on Monday (see my Eee PC Review) and to be honest, I imagined that connecting it to the internet with my Sony Ericsson K850i would be a major pain, whilst still using the supplied Xandros Linux distribution. Connecting using my Windows laptop and Sony software isn't always that reliable anyway, so I had very low expectations and was fully expecting to have to install XP to be able to get my phone recognised.

I was wrong, it's easy.

I was looking at the EeeUser forum and took heart from a couple of threads so just gave it a go. I connected my K850i to the USB port, went into Connections, added a dial up connection, selected my phone as the modem and entered *99# as the phone number number with "username" and "password" for the password. At this point, the instructions I saw for other handsets implied I'd have to change some other config files but being the impatient type, I just tried connecting. I couldn't quite believe it when it promptly connected up with no problems at all, and I was surfing the web using my phone as the modem. This thing is so cool, and makes mobile computing a lot more mobile than it has been previously.

And not only is it possible to connect with the supplied Linux, it is actually better than doing the same thing in Windows and using the awful clunky Sony software.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iv seen lots of guides on how to use your phone as a modem, this is the best for people that are new to Linux like me. Thanks

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was so pleased that I found these instructions. I have an eee pc and a k850i however goes throught the whole lot but wont actually go on the internet something to do with settings i think on vodafone!! Anyone help cos I like this machine and os always used windows and don't want to put it on but really could do with help in setting this up so that it does connect properly and go online. Thanks great instruction video.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous phil said...

1st of all, thanks for the video - I have the same bits of gear, and after watching the instructions, got really excited, and tried to connect. It worked like a dream ! I wasn't on a data package with TMobile, but was so impressed, rang them right away, and put a 3GB package on my account.
As for the reader who has mentioned a problem, I would guess it is the phone settings that are wrong. You need to go into Settings>Connectivity>USB>USB Network>USB Network Type ( and set to "Use Phone as modem ") and finally USB data accounts ( and set to Vodaphone )

6:16 AM  

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