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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

London To Be Wifi City, Says Boris Johnson

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has raised the prospect of London becoming a Wifi city, with internet access available right across the capital. Speaking to BBC Radio London, "BoJo" suggested that wifi enabling the City would be a way to help the "information technology poor", and compared the idea favourably with the Government's own new initiative, which is to issue vouchers to poorer households.

The Mayor said:

"I think that's the way we should be going, rather than bunging money to people, which sounds a bit like a desperate bribe by the prime minister," he added.

"Let's look at ways that we can improve the infrastructure in this city so that there's wi-fi access everywhere."

Find out more about what the Mayor had to say to BBC London



Anonymous frank said...

Thank god for that idea. wow cant wait, 3g t-moblie dongles both suk after a while you will reALISE how they cheat customers especialy 3g only last for few hours after topping up with 15 pounds and they dont tell u u need to buy an addon so you money gets wiped out in minutes untill you phone them, you get through to some person in india who has been programmed to respond like a machine and not realy help customers just another way of being able to keep your money by destructiing you, and then they tell you about the addon which should be but is not printed in the booklet. so you have to buy more credit , thats a waste of two months worth of billing from normal providers like bt.
I am wishing everybody gets access to wifi anywhere they are as that is how it should be and these companies today do not care a bit because they know ppl should not have to pay for broadband, it should b like getting tv on your mobile which is now possible and u dont need a tv licence, these corporate companies have chikens in customer service answering phones there to frustrate you and are stealing billions in a panic. In conclusion the way the economic cliamte is going, those that have inherited the economy (35 year olds and up) are not mature enough to sustain it that is why there is so much unscropuluos activity. and who suffers? their own childern, of the stupid desparate uneducated generations from the 50's onwards
who are nothing byut servitudes. this does not include everybody ofcourse,but as you know most people are the ones that do not do the right thing,

6:17 PM  

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