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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mobile Broadband Gets Boost

16 leading tech firms including Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Vodafone and 3 have announced a collaboration which will see mobile broadband chips embedded in notebooks and other other devices from this Christmas. In the same way that Wifi users had to buy external cards before being built in as standard, it is hoped that mobile broadband - which is already proving to be very popular - will be boosted by being embedded in the machines.

The initiative, led by the GSM Association, has seen the creation of a new Mobile Broadband service mark (seen left) which will indentify the computers with the new connectivity option. Buying a computer with this symbol should mean being able to take it out of the box and start surfing straight away, depending on network coverage.

Network coverage will most likely be critical to this. I use high speed internet through 3 on my mobile phone. In London, it works brilliantly but on a recent trip to Liverpool, the service was very patchy. Buyers in rural areas may also find it a challenge to get internet access at useful speeds.



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