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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wifi to become common in portable media players has reported on research findings from iSuppli which suggest 20% of portable media players will be Wifi enabled by 2012. The ability to sync, download and stream wirelessly is going to be an increasingly key function of media players, moreso even than other technologies such as touch screen or bluetooth.

One company that has long been pioneering integrated Wifi on media players is Archos, and not one to rest on their laurels when it comes to innovation, they have just announced the release of a "GPS In Car Holder" add on for their popular 605 media player. This brings satellite navigation mapping together with the Archos screen and audio quality to create the ultimate entertainment and navigation device.

I hope to be able to review at some point in the future so come back soon for more info.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Demonstrating Mobile Broadband From 3

I put this video together to show easy it is to setup and use mobile broadband from 3. In the example, I am using their cool new modem stick, the Huawei E169G.

Find out more information about mobile broadband internet options.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coffee Republic Offers Free Wifi

Coffee chain Coffee Republix has announced that from May 1st, they will be offering free Wifi to customers. The undertook a pilot project which showed that offering free Wifi allowed them to increase footfall. When customers make a purchase, they are handed a voucher with the connection details for the wifi system.

Coffee Republic are also able to create an advertising opportunity by customising the landing page that users see when first connecting. Sounds like a great solution for all involved.

They are the first coffee chain to take the step of offering actually free access and it seems like a really clever move. Wifi access in rival chains can be very expensive, but I think eventually they will all go this way.

Find your local Coffee Republic

I'm not sure what technology they are using, but if you wanted a similar setup for your business, you could use the SMC Wireless Hotspot Gateway we previously reviewed to achieve the same.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Introducing Freedom4 Wifi

Freedom4 Wifi is a new services which gives you access to over 33,000 Wifi hotspots around the world using one account, one password and one piece of software to connect.

This is a perfect solution for business people that travel a lot and want access from hotspots globally without having to sign up for local tariffs. Partner hotspots are available to use around the world at leading hotels, coffee shops, stores etc.

The global Wifi pass from Freedom4 Wifi is available on a variety of payment options, such as pre-pay or subscription. Find out more by visiting Freedom4Wifi's homepage.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Asus Eee PC Discount Code @ Dixons

The Eee PC is our new favourite gadget, and perfect for mobile computing. Dixons are selling the 4gb model for £249.99 which isn't particularly cheap as we've seen better deals elsewhere, but they have just released some 10% discount codes on the Blue, Pink and Green models which takes the price down to a more attractive £225.

Click here, select Blue Eee PC and enter the discount code EEEPCBLUE to get 10% off.

Click here, select Pink Eee PC and enter the discount code EEEPCPINK to get 10% off.

Click here, select Green Eee PC and enter the discount code EEEPCGREEN to get 10% off.

No news on when the code expires, but we will update this blog post when the offer ends.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Using Sony Ericsson K850i as Modem With Asus Eee PC

I got my Eee PC on Monday (see my Eee PC Review) and to be honest, I imagined that connecting it to the internet with my Sony Ericsson K850i would be a major pain, whilst still using the supplied Xandros Linux distribution. Connecting using my Windows laptop and Sony software isn't always that reliable anyway, so I had very low expectations and was fully expecting to have to install XP to be able to get my phone recognised.

I was wrong, it's easy.

I was looking at the EeeUser forum and took heart from a couple of threads so just gave it a go. I connected my K850i to the USB port, went into Connections, added a dial up connection, selected my phone as the modem and entered *99# as the phone number number with "username" and "password" for the password. At this point, the instructions I saw for other handsets implied I'd have to change some other config files but being the impatient type, I just tried connecting. I couldn't quite believe it when it promptly connected up with no problems at all, and I was surfing the web using my phone as the modem. This thing is so cool, and makes mobile computing a lot more mobile than it has been previously.

And not only is it possible to connect with the supplied Linux, it is actually better than doing the same thing in Windows and using the awful clunky Sony software.

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