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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BT Openzone Customers Lose Cloud Access

An agreement that gave BT Openzone customers access to the Cloud's 7,000 wifi hotspots comes to an end next week. The two companies were not able to agree terms going forward, and BT's customers - residential and business - will find that the number of places they can get online is substantially reduced.

BT operates 3,000 hotspots of its own but the collaboration with The Cloud gave its customers a far wider reach. The failure of commercial negotiations between the two companies may mean BT customers will struggle to find a place to get online.

The Cloud is apparently offering a BT customers 30 days worth of free Wifi if they take out a subscription with them.

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Mobile Broadband Gets Boost

16 leading tech firms including Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Vodafone and 3 have announced a collaboration which will see mobile broadband chips embedded in notebooks and other other devices from this Christmas. In the same way that Wifi users had to buy external cards before being built in as standard, it is hoped that mobile broadband - which is already proving to be very popular - will be boosted by being embedded in the machines.

The initiative, led by the GSM Association, has seen the creation of a new Mobile Broadband service mark (seen left) which will indentify the computers with the new connectivity option. Buying a computer with this symbol should mean being able to take it out of the box and start surfing straight away, depending on network coverage.

Network coverage will most likely be critical to this. I use high speed internet through 3 on my mobile phone. In London, it works brilliantly but on a recent trip to Liverpool, the service was very patchy. Buyers in rural areas may also find it a challenge to get internet access at useful speeds.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Wifi Detector Watch

Do you ever see something and think "Of course, why did I think of that!?".

That's how I felt when I saw this cool Wifi Detecting wristwatch. Why would anyone carry around a wifi detector when it could be seamlessly integrated into an attractive looking wristwatch. In case you're not familiar with what a wifi detector is, it basically looks for WLANs nearby to save you having to fire up your laptop etc to check.

So this is a very smart design idea, I think - what do you reckon?

They cost about £20 quid from I Want One Of Those and could be an ideal gift idea for the geek in your life this Christmas.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

London To Be Wifi City, Says Boris Johnson

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has raised the prospect of London becoming a Wifi city, with internet access available right across the capital. Speaking to BBC Radio London, "BoJo" suggested that wifi enabling the City would be a way to help the "information technology poor", and compared the idea favourably with the Government's own new initiative, which is to issue vouchers to poorer households.

The Mayor said:

"I think that's the way we should be going, rather than bunging money to people, which sounds a bit like a desperate bribe by the prime minister," he added.

"Let's look at ways that we can improve the infrastructure in this city so that there's wi-fi access everywhere."

Find out more about what the Mayor had to say to BBC London


Sunday, September 14, 2008

myHotspots Featured in Times Online

Oh, how did I miss that. I was just checking the statistics for the website and noticed a whole loads of referrals from the Times Online. Turns out myHotspots featured in an article they put out in June, listing 50 Great Things You Can Get Free.

We've already been features in the Telegraph and the Independent, which must make us the favourite wifi directory Britain's qualities dailies. Just waiting for the Guardian to fall into line and follow suit now.


Millionth User Signs Up At Fon

User generated wifi network, Fon, has announced that its one millionth member has signed up. The user, from Japan, marks an impressive landmark for the company which has been pioneered the scheme where you buy a Fon wifi router for home, which gives people access to your internet connection, and by becoming a member, you can use use other Fon user's WLANs all around the world.