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Thursday, August 06, 2009

PURE EVOKE Flow Internet Radio Review

Pure Evoke has for a long time been established as one of the premier names in the DAB radio market. We took at the look at the Flow DAB Internet Radio which combines their previous talent for DAB with the ability to stream radio stations across a wireless internet connection.

For a long time, DAB radios all seemed to want to hark back to a bygone age with their appearanace and styling, and whilst the form fact of the Flow internet DAB radio is reminiscent of past radios, the slick piano black casing and clear OLED display are firmly forward looking.

The radio allows for 10 FM presents, 30 DAB presets and unlimited internet "favourites". As well as being able to stream internet radio, you can also access audio recordings on a wifi connected PC (great for accessing your MP3 collection) and plug in your iPod too. "Listen Again" archives, from radio stations that offer them, such as those from the BBC, can also be accessed.

On the downside, if you want to use the radio on the move, you can't use standard batteries but instead have to a Pure battery charge pack. Also, the interface can be a little fiddly to navigate at times. But probably the most important thing is the sound quality, and in this respect, the Pure Evoke Flow didn't disappoint at all and delivered a quality that is difficult to match with similar priced competitor products.

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