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Monday, August 02, 2010

Wifi Weighing Scales for the bathroom

I got myself a Wii Fit when it came out and truth be told, it was fun for a while but it didn't hold my in interest for very long. One of the most interesting aspects of it though was the ability to jump on it and have your weight taken and recorded so you could track your weight and see it on a chart.

A new device puts that functionality within your reach in a more serious way.

The Wifi weighing scales will take your weight and wirelessly upload it to a website so you can log on and track your weight, fat and body mass index. If the thought of having your personal stats worries you, be assured that the information is protected by a password.

Also, for multi user homes, you can each have your own account so you won't be sharing data.

This is a genuinely innovative and cool use of wireless technology in a home appliance. It takes wifi and puts it to use in a new way and unleashes new functionality from a set of bathroom scales.


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